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Soxick Kids Glasses With Blue Light Filter-AP

Soxick Kids Glasses With Blue Light Filter-AP

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Do you want to help your children be more comfortable and less tired in the evening? If so, you need to find some blue light blocking glasses for kids. Soxick is the leading manufacturer of anti-glare, blue light blocking glasses. We offer a variety of different types of shades to block out harmful rays and help protect your eyes from strain. Each frame comes with polarized lenses that will reduce glare when outside or inside on your computer screen. Here you'll find something perfect for your little one! 

Product description:
Name: Anti-blue light children's glasses
Frame material: TR
Lens Material: PC Model: TR5103
Lens width: 47mm
Lens height: 40mm
Bridge width: 16mm
Length: 127mm
Frame width: 125mm Weight: 18.3g
For the crowd: children

Why does your kid need to wear blue light glasses when using digital devices?
The digital screen can emit bright blue light that causes eye strain even dizziness, using blue light lenses will reduce eye strain. If your kids use a computer regularly or read a book to prevent myopia astigmatism and strabismus, please choose SOXICK blue light glasses, don't let cheap and inferior glasses hurt your kid’s eyes.

Soxick Kids Glasses With Blue Light Filter


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