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    Soxick named after German Lens, Soxick is a famous German army brand that provides different types of sunglasses, which boast style, durability, and affordability. Soxick Founded in 1989 by Dick Wright in Munich, Germany, the brand has been selling night vision devices with “valiant soldier-like quality. Dick Wright, a former military man, realized that the increased traffic accidents at night should be prevented, so he with our team developed night vision glasses with a bright visual field and can avoid strong and diffused light from damaging eyes. Aside from these life-saver products, We also sell sunglasses that can protect your eyes from harmful sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Since 2013, Our brand has been selling to Germany, China, the USA, Canada, and Japan. We have many different branches in a different country.

    We have over 20+ years of experience with sunglasses and night vision glasses.

    Types Of Soxick Products

    • Sunglasses
    • Glasses Clips
    • Night Vision Glasses



    Soxick’s sunglasses are a must-have that can be worn in every type of clothing. Whether you are just driving or going to the beach, our products can keep you safe, at the same time elevate your style. All of our sunglasses are made from types of frames that come in different colors. they are made from lightweight durable frames and special lightweight glasses, so you don’t need to worry about eye strain.

    Night Vision Glasses

    Driving or traveling at night is difficult, let alone dangerous. You need to be extra careful and wear night vision glasses to be safe from accidents, especially when in the dark road. This is where Soxick comes in. Soxick lenses that do nothing but protect your eyes from harsh artificial light. our product lets you see clearly at night, keeping you safe.

    Glasses Clips

    You can put our glasses clips on your fashionable eyeglasses if you don’t want to buy more. If you want a more fit sunglasses you can try our glasses clips. Transform your glasses to stylish sunglasses instantly with our convenient clip-on.

    Soxick can help you find the best spectacles.they are appealing, durability and affordable. Our product can make you look smart and attractive. We care about our every customer, What’s more,  safety drive is important.  Hope Soxick can help you driving safety, also can protect your eyes in your daily life.